Saturday, September 4, 2010

A "Time Traveler"

Just call yourself a "time traveler" from now on. You have history at your fingertips. A few notes to take along. First, be prepared for skeletons. No matter which family tree branch you climb out, there will always be surprises. These surprises may be good or bad, but you must be willing to accept the facts as you find them. Second, even the "official" documents may have errors. I spent 10 years climbing out on the wrong branches do to an error in the 1850 census. The census had my relative born in KY 1796, when he was actually born in VA. This caused me to eliminate the very Jones line I came through until I discovered this error. Third, remember to document everything. This is where you obtained the information, if reference, cemetery, library, court house, Bible records, family records, and so on. The documentation will be the "bread crumbs" that others may follow your trail of time travel. Now push the buttons, and let's start traveling.

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