Friday, September 17, 2010

The Need to Know

By now you should be a long way out one of your tree branches. The further out you climb, the thicker the leaves. The thicker the leaves the more difficult it is to see where you are going. The more difficult it is to see where you are going the easier it is to feel you are lost. Don't give up. Sometimes it is helpful to take a break and put everything aside. Climb down out of the tress and go to the mall, the movies, the park, or where every it is that gets your mind off the tree climbing.

Sometimes it is helpful to show another family member what you have put together. They may be suprised, and be willing to help, or add some insight that might get you going in a new direction. Don't worry, there are enough tree climbers out there that will encourage you along the way.

Now you have it. A true time machine expert. Remember that documentation is important and be prepared for skeletons. The heart of a genealogist is to know. Know who we are. Know where we have been. Know what we did. Know why we survived. Know where the family existed and is buried in the dust of the earth. At the age of nine, I stood before my first ancestors cemetery. I wanted to thank them. Be sure and thank your ancetors too.

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