Sunday, September 5, 2010

Get the Map

Now that your a time traveler (genealogist), your next step is to get your map. A map is the direction that you want to go back in history. It gives you the routes, bridges, pathways, detours, and construction sites that will or might lay ahead. For me, the best way to get your map is to start from what you know the most certain, and decide which tree branch you want to explore. You have your five generational geneogram, your notebook, your blank graph paper, pencils, ruler, and sheet protectors. Start your map by placing the grandparents on their own page by using square and circles. This would mean four sets of grandparents, two for you and two for your spouse. (That is if you have a spouse.) Then date the pages in the upper right corner such that you can just flip the edges to find a date. Next write the state, (or country), county within the state, and hometown that each grandparent resided. Then write the surname and maiden name of each couple at the side of the page. You will soon find out where you need to go. For example, say one grandparent's married name is Jones. (of course) The spouse's surname is Slaughter. They were both born in KY.(of course) The Jones lived in Clark, Co., and the Slaughter family lived in Madison Co., KY. They lived roughly in the 1850s. Now, I don't known any more than this about these grandparents. 1850 would be written in the right upper edge of the graph paper page which contains their square and circle. Jones, Slaughter, Kentucky, Clark Co., Madison Co., would all be written on the page large enough to be seen easily. Do this for each set of grandparents and you have begun your map.

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