Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Along the Way

Now that you have your map, you need to stop a few places along the way. The first is your local library. Here there is usally a person who has an interest in local history and genealogy. Find out who this is because they will become a real help in time of trouble. Next, find the genealogy references that the library has on the shelf. These will often include local genealogies of the families near by, and maybe even one about your own family. It is here that you will usually find the census books that have been collected by the library. They will be an invaluable tool as you progress in your tree climbing. Also, there is usaually a city directory going back in time which is always fun to travel to see if you can find great granddad or grandmaw among the papes. The library may also have county and state records, newspaper files, family files, local maps, and all the things that may help you establish your documentation. When in doubt ask, and more often then not you will have to turn the librarian's button to off. Finally, check the book stacks for the county and state's history. Understanding the history which surrounds your time travel will make the journey much more exciting.

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